Elbows bends

Bends are joining and connecting elements of welded pipe or welded pipe, carbon or stainless steel. They are made of welded pipe or seamless pipe and are suitably machined for joining areas. The most used materials are steel and stainless steel, and the standards used are European and American, the other standards being derived from them.

Standard execution: elbows up to DN500 are manufactured from the drawn pipe.
Material St37.0 according to DIN 1629 or R35 according to PN-98 / H-84023/07.
How to order:
• elbows drawn according to DIN 2605 / EN 10253,
• type of elbow for example: 3d,
• the outer diameter D and the wall thickness s,
• type of material,
• type of control documents according to EN10204.


Upon request we can provide elbows of the following materials:
• St35.8, St45.8 according to DIN 17175,
• P235GH, P265GH according to EN 10216-2; P355NH according to EN 10216-3,
• L290NB, L360NB according to EN 10208-2,
• P355NL1, P355NL2 according to EN 10216-3,
• other materials may be considered.

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